We will improve your business

Established in 2005, Lean Integrity Inc. is a Team of skilled professionals, molded individually by personal Toyota Certified Japanese Trainers.

The Lean Integrity Team has been developed to support any organization in their lean journey.

Our Senior Coaches have been mentored in the disciplines of the Toyota Production System (LEAN) through their individual Japanese Trainers as members of the original start up Team in the first Toyota Assembly Plant in North America located in Georgetown, Kentucky. We were individually chosen from over 100,000 applicants to launch the Toyota Camry’s using the “Toyota Production System”.

Our commitment is to implement Lean Systems for Long Term Success that is sustained after our departure.

We train management on the shop floor, one-on-one, using the very lean disciplines that our Japanese Trainers used when they taught us.

We will train you and your team:

  • 8 step problem solving
  • 5s and work place organization
  • Job Instruction Training
  • Job Methods Improvement
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Conflict Management
  • Chain of Command
  • Continuous Improvement/Kaizen Culture
  • Standards of Leadership

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