What our Clients Say

"The ability to engage the work group in lean transformation is perhaps Bradley’s Team’s most valuable gift. Other consulting groups have the ability to “do” by themselves, but they are only one person. I have witnessed first- hand the Lean Integrity Team go into a work group, “teaching by doing” and soon the entire group is practicing lean. Bradley and his Team have the ability to “multiply” your lean efforts by living and leading the credo “teaching to fish, not giving a fish”.    
Mike Hoseus CEO CQPO & former General Manager of Toyota Motor Manufacturing
The Standard Work Practices that you implemented have truly changed operating practices and accountability at the operator level resulting in significant production improvements. I have reviewed your results on a monthly basis and the results have been nothing less than sensational.
Alan Nichols, Senior Vice President, |Graphic Packaging International.
Bradley was able to very quickly learn the idiosyncrasies and unique requirements of highly regulated food manufacturing processes and adapt his best practice tools and approaches to standardization, people development, and problem solving. His dedication to the company and his engagement was head and shoulders above any consulting partner we have ever used. His ability to add value is outstanding.
Michael Hyche, Chief Technical Officer, |Wornick Foods

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